Slaves – Take Control

So here we go, the first blog post. After much research, I read you should make a list of everything you want to write about and your first title would pop out… So hereby I present to you Slaves and their album Take Control. Can I get sentimental about this? Let’s ‘take control’ and with that, the first track on the album is called ‘Spit it out’… This is meant to be!

I came across their album Are You Satisfied? not so long before this one. I read an article in NME Magazine and there is something about British music that attracts me. I lived in London for a year and a half and it might be the British accents that I love to hear, or just the ‘fuck me’ attitude of Slaves’ Laurie and Isaac. I searched Spotify and it was actually the track Tricky that caught my attention. It’s just funny! I smile every time I hear this song. If you are into 80s punk in a more modern way, you should definitely listen to Are you Satisfied? You can find Tricky on their extended album version.

Why than an article about Take Control, you wonder? Well, a couple of weeks ago it was Record Store Day and I chose not to buy any records – I splurged on my trip to London and Brighton. Nonetheless my boyfriend has his priorities straight and actually went out to buy me the limited edition of Slaves Take Control (bless him!). A nice gold foil sleeve, white vinyl and a photo diary (*drool). It’s so pretty to look at! :p The original album was released in September 2016, so I didn’t ‘discover’ them in the early days. But than again, does it matter?

Take Control is an album with just a hint of Beastie Boys (not that farfetched as Mike D produced the album) and he can also be find on a couple of songs like Consumed Or Be Consumed. Did he turn British by the way? Check out the nice dark vibes on STD’s/PHD’s. When listening to this song I can imagine the 80’s ravers in dingy clubs high on whatever. But such a good song! It is a perfect example of the influence of different genres this duo uses. Nonetheless it is a proper punk album.

Thank you, Mr Industry