Wooden Shjips – Back To Land

A couple of days ago I was daydreaming about our upcoming trip to the North of Spain. It was sizzling hot out, forecast would be thunderstorms which I waited for impatiently. I put a record on which I bought a couple of weeks ago; In 2013 Wooden Shjips released Back To Land, and that particular night, they made the warmth more bearable. The album is the perfect soundtrack for our road trip.  A couple of warm, more or less, excruciating hot days pass by and you are thinking about your holiday in the sun. Driving from one surfer’s paradise to the other, relaxing in your car and feeling the breeze of the airconditioning on your skin… life of a modern road trip! For your information, I am hardly a surfer. I would be one of those people taking a picture next to a surfboard looking cool and sh**…. but that’s about it.

Alright, I digress. I heard this album when I visited Brighton for the very first time. Absolutely love that city! Small town, friendly people, crazy pier, just fun to wander and drink a nice cold pint in a local pub. When we walked into a little skater shop Back To Land was playing. Perhaps it was the sun, the sea breeze and this psychedelic rock music… Perhaps it was the sound of the organ in the song Ruins…. Perhaps it is because I am a fan of The Doors, but in that time and place this song sounded perfect. For a split second my eager side was already checking how much money I had on me. My more cheap side was not so happy as I just spent my money on the newly released Alexandra Savior Belladonna of Sadness record. Nevertheless, after some contemplating I bought the record. But let us be real…. I already made up my mind the minute I heard Ruins.

When I got back home I put on the record, but something was off, different. A bit saddened by my impuls buy, I left it with my other small stack of vinyl. But when I put the record on a couple of days ago, I remembered that feeling, in that particular time and place. The feeling when you actual forget the time and place you’re in. Utter bliss. Get into your car, put on your sunglasses (if it’s sunny outside) and drive for at least 42 minutes and 51 seconds, because that’s how long the album lasts… Drive straight ahead, into the Californian desert of the Wooden Shjips and you’ll see.