Jacle Bow – What’s All The Mumble About

I am sticking with road trips and sunny music, I am really looking forward to the summer holiday if you catch my vibe. Who isn’t?? :D Let me introduce to you Jacle Bow, a young Belgian band I found on Facebook. For once, this news via Facebook was no fake news. The band was formed in 2013 and in January this year they released What’s All The Mumble About. Produced by Triggerfinger drummer Mario Goosens and a record deal with Warner Music Belgium? Bound to be a good debut album! Taken under the wing of Goossens and a good dosis of guitar and talent, you get Jacle Bow. Still I do not get the name, perhaps you do?

I am a sucker for bluesy guitars so the track Lucky caught my attention. Definitely check out the single Suit Yourself! Oh man, those first 7 seconds!! It just makes my day. It is the soundtrack to their short documentary Play For That Money, Boys!, telling all about their trip through the States. Already a documentary, you say? Yessir, it’s actually about how they did 20 shows in 22 days (!) and the people they met along the way. You can find the clip below. It is actually a nice way of getting to know the guys of the band early on their journey of becoming perhaps Belgian’s next decent rock band ;). Kick back, relax and enjoy the show!

On their album you find the track The Piano Man. This is no mere skit or even an interlude, but a honest confession from a… piano man. You can find it in the boys documentary and it is as heartfelt on the album as it is in the video. It shows how much influence music can have on someone’s life, good and bad. Nevertheless, the titel track What’s All The Mumble About is a gentle reminder I should invest more time in banjo music! If you like the documentary, make sure you listen to their album and let me know what you think!

Sing along song of the album: House For Sale:)