Gli Sportivi – Fuzz Days

Italian blues. Yup, you read that right. If you want to listen to some loud music, you should listen to Gli Sportivi. A couple of months ago, I think it was January/February, I hit writers block on the music front. Nothing new released, nothing that would excite me. Only news of upcoming releases, but I needed something right than and there. 

Scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feed, seeing all those articles and photos online of the Dutch showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag, was a nice reminder there is always new music :). Those couple of weeks I got myself known with some good old bluesrock. Went through a long ass list, but is was worth it, because there was Gli Sportivi. I searched them on Spotify and played their album Fuzz Days on repeat! No special effects, no auto-tune, no glitz and glamour… or at least that’s what they make me think. Well sold, guys;). In all seriousness, f*** me those guitars! Excuse my french, but I have been a long time waiting for it. And their Italian! (No offence).

Two guys, it seems like a thing; Black Keys, Royal Blood, Black Box Revelation…. like a competition making as much noise you can with just the two of you.  I haven’t got around yet to listen to their debut album though; Black Sheep (2012), apparently produced by Howie Weinberg, a man with a decent track record; Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Ramones… the list goes on!

Allright, the album! Released in October 2016, by Lorenzo (guitar and vocals) and Nicola on the drums. Please do check out the track Henry Miller (The Serial Killer) and blast it through your speakers! Leave an apology note the next morning on your neighbour’s doorstep, they’ll understand. Can’t wait to see Gli Sportivi play that song live some time soon!! Sonic Day is another one, with those tasty roaring guitar(s). Nevertheless, these two men, who do not look like head-banging-while-tearing-my-shirt-off kind of rockers, do know how to make an album. You get a breather during Diamond, which for a rock song is perfect when you get home late and just want to chill. A band we will hear more from in the recent future (I hope and I believe). According to their Facebook, back in the studio recording new stuff. Thank you.

I present to you:

Gli Sportivi – Fuzz Days

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