The Picturebooks – Imaginary Horse

Keep your friends close, because they come in handy when you’re short on supplies;). That happened when a friend introduced me to The Picturebooks. There might be a couple of miles between us, as Denmark is not around the corner, but she sure does know her music. And she knows me:).

I’ve met her during our studies in London, and it became pretty clear we were almost the only rock chicks in the bunch. We can tell some memorable stories about how drunk we were during Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s gig in the Electric Ballroom in Camden (and why!). Or how we got in the Arctic Monkeys gig at Earl’s Court when no one thought we would get in because it was sold out. Oh but yes we did, and it was by far the craziest show I ever saw. Not because of Alex Turner himself, but because of that crowd though! We got pushed back during R U Mine, theย opening song,ย in just a couple of seconds. It was mental (I feared for my life there for a split second), fun, but mental:). Anyways, this Danish girl has inspired me on multiple levels and I don’t think she even knows it. For my birthday 3 years ago, she gave me the vinyl of Savages’ Fuckers/Dream Baby Dream. That artwork has been framed on the wall in my living room ever since. For me it reads: Fuckers dream, baby dream. Let’s just say: I keep on dreaming, if those fuckers can do to.

Therefore after this long introduction, I can tell you I trust her when it comes to rock music. I’d like to talk to you about the German duo The Picturebooks (again with the duos), she introduced me to. The skater loving bikers (great combo!) are currently promoting their new album Home Is A Heartache. Nevertheless, I like you to listen to Imaginary Horse, which they released in 2014. A perfectly assembled album with the right amount of decent scream-along-in-your-car tracks like 1000 Years Of Doing Nothing, The Rabbit And The Wolf and Fever. The former actually sounding like they know me:). Than again Learn It The Hard Way is not so much a softer song, but it has that nice blues guitar in it, which makes it a thrill to listen to. Check it out and let me know what you think of it!



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