Royal Blood Release New Album

So, the boys are back. Last Friday June 16, Brighton’s rock duo released their second album after 3 years: How Did We Get So Dark?

While reading this, scroll down first to press play so you can enjoy the album sooner than later, if you haven’t already listened to it!
I actually had to listen to it a couple of times, to get a grasp of the album. Not saying it is a bad album, on the contrary, but it can take some time for me to ‘get it’. Which is actually a good thing in a weird way. If I like/love an album straight from the get go, I will play it endlessly for about a week, but afterwards I am sick and tired of it. < Insert comment: Music snob > Anyways, I have read a couple of reviews of the album and there lovers and haters out there. I get both of them actually;

I expected the album to be darker/gloomier, probably because of the title:P. Perhaps I was looking for a Queens Of The Stone Age darkness to it (i.e. … Like Clockwork), but in a way How Did We Get So Dark? is more like their debut album. In your face, good singles, good openings, just a good album. For instance She’s Creeping, with the interesting nagging intro and higher vocals, which can be found in Don’t Tell too. Or the intro to Hole In Your Heart and afterwards that good old bass (with the guitar sound:P) raging through. They’ve clearly set their Royal Blood sound, so you’ll never be mistaken in the future. When listening carefully you can tell that they are slowly but steadily adding elements to their music. Yes, there is a resemblance with their debut album; put on Hook, Line & Sinker… it is in your face, good bass, it is: Royal Blood.

Nevertheless, I have to mention their last released single I Only Lie When I Love You. That catchy Royal Blood riff, check. However apart from that, they incorporated the best instrument ever into it! Play the track and after a minute you’ll hear… the cowbell! Yes, the cowbell, I am such a sucker for that sound! Seriously, you should check every song with a cowbell, I guarantee you: those are some fine songs! :) (CCR – Born On The Bayou; War – Low Rider or QOTSA – Little Sister…). Just remember: the cowbell.

When the first single came out Lights Out I wasn’t convinced,  but they’ve turned me around. Mike and Ben are definitely growing up and survived the second album curse. They’re going in the right direction.