Drifting into the sun with Temples

Lately I have been thinking about London a lot and the times I’ve studied, partied, met great people and did much more over there. It made me think of my last internship at an publishing company in the South of London. It was a reggae and dub company, the people were nice and the music was cool :). The actual work I had to do, was a bit tedious, but hey you’ve got to do something. It wasn’t all that bad as my supervisor put on these great albums that make you drift away.

Anyways, the kind tall blue eyed Australian dude a.k.a the supervisor introduced me to the likes of Temples and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Both bands recently released new albums this year, but I would like you to listen to and experience Temples debut album: Sun Structures. As you can tell, sun is kind of a given with this album:).

For starters it is a great album, and perfect for this heat last couple of days. If you like the psychedelic stuff, you’ll like them. It’s easier to listen to than King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, but you can compare it to Tame Impala’s Solitude Is Bliss with less of the modern touches to it. Too be honest, I can imagine the hippies running down hill towards Woodstock Festival in 1969 when I am listening to this album. However during Keep In The Dark it seems that the band woke up for a couple of minutes and it sounds like their buzz wore off.

I saw Temples live at Best Kept Secret Festival in 2015, being all hippy with my long dress, sunglasses and a hat. Enjoying the sun, the music and the drinks with good friends. Can life get any better than that? Can’t wait for moments like these:). What are your thoughts on the album?

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