Good old memories

It will be a very busy week at work, I am not making up any excuses :) but the article I wanted to write today will take a bit longer. The Boyfriend however told me to write something that comes easy to me, a fond memory or something. So here we go:ย 

The memory that comes to mind happened on a Christmas day at my parents place, couple of years ago. My brothers will roll their eyes right now while reading this, yeah yeah, I am Daddy’s little girl. ‘Nough said, the man actually showed my brothers and myself some good music. Not kidding, the three of us actually found our interest in music because of one song of the Steve Miller Band thanks to our Dad. I only recently found out that the oldest of my brothers actually started to play the drums because of this song, while it was the first album I bought (the ‘Best of’ though :P). I actually saw Steve Miller Band live couple of years ago in Brussels with my parents. Yes, I go to gigs with my parents, no shame in that! They know their shit, and it’s damn good shit! … And we went to McDonalds afterwards.

I am digressing… again, but I like to show you one of the finest Motown songs (for me at least) in history. It was on that Christmas day, maybe three or four years ago, when I went through my dad’s record collection. “I don’t have enough time, I’ve got to work,” he said, while checking out some of his old records. It was like he was reminiscing those unsaid memories, of him in his old room listening to The Doors or something. After a few minutes he put on ‘his favourite’: Rare Earth – Get Ready… Not forgetting to mention: ‘It’s the long version!!!’. With a smile on his face he sat back and relaxed on the sofa. Forgetting about the work he had to do and just listening to this 21 minute perfect song. Well, you guys, sit back and listen to this beauty! It too, makes me forget the crazy days;).


Share your good music memories below! I am curious if you guys have stories like these:).