Equal Idiots – Eagle Castle BBQ

What better way than to spend a Friday evening with friends (and my brother), some beers and good music? 

Friday 23th of June, the young Belgian garageband Equal Idiots released their first album Eagle Castle BBQ. This duo already won a Belgian competition and the first single Salmon Pink did a very good job in the charts. Obviously when I heard they would be playing for free, in one of my hometown nicest pubs, clearly I wanted to check them out:). It was one of those nights you were planning to go alone, but along the way, in probably  half an hour, I got texts from my friends they would join as they were looking for drinking buddies anyways.

Knowing the two singles Salmon Pink and Put My Head In The Ground, I thought it would be a good show. On arrival the boys were sound checking and I was soooo looking forward to their gig; they seemed pretty loud!! After a couple of beers (we all needed it after a hard week’s work) Equal Idiots started playing. Oh yeah, by the way, scratch ‘pretty loud’, these boys are LOUD. Their live performance is what you expect from a garageband and even better, sweaty people, sweaty drummer, people jumping around, the bartender complaining about the noise and a stage diving singer to find his way to the bar to get a fucking beer.

It all seemed to work, a pub not really made for live music, windows open so everyone on the square could here these young promising guys. And if that wasn’t enough, after the gig you could actually enjoy a BBQ. The night couldn’t be more perfect, great music, great friends and beer:).  If you get the chance to see Equal Idiots live, make sure you do, you will not regret it!

Go check them out at one of these festivals (or all of them if you want):

  • Rock Zottegem, Zottegem (BE), Saturday 8 July, Main Stage
  • Rock Herk, Herk-De-Stad (BE), Friday 14 July, Main Stage
  • Boomtown, Ghent (BE), Wednesday 19 July, Kouter
  • Suikerrock, Tienen (BE), Friday 28 July, Main Stage
  • Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren (BE), Friday 4 August, Main Stage
  • Maanrock, Mechelen (BE), Saturday 28 August, Groot Podium



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