Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds

I can tell you straight away I never came back home from a gig as happy as Tuesday night. After a two hour drive back I fell asleep in bed being utterly happy with life and everything in it. All because of Brian Wilson! 

It was like Mia Wallace said in Pulp Fiction: “I said god damn! God damn”. I am not a connaisseur when it comes to The Beach Boys. Like a lot of people I know Barbara Ann, Surfin’ USA and Good Vibrations. Great songs which will definitely go in my road trip Spotify playlist:). Nevertheless, Tuesday night was magical. Those voices, the instruments! I mean, at one point there was a cowbell (you know how much I love my cowbell), 4 saxophone solos and an organ too!! Finger licking good, I tell ya.

2 hours consisting of The Beach Boys repertoire and especially Pet Sounds. My friends and I were far out the youngest in the crowd, but during the encore everyone was shaking their booties like it was the sixties again no matter what age! One man, probably the age of Brian Wilson, got up and started waving his arms around to the beat of Barbara Ann. It was pure joy.

Probably a typical moment, but I’ll never forget when two fans in the crowd stood up to give Brian Wilson a standing ovation after God Only Knows – which he sang by himself, together with Matthew Al Jardine. What a voice by the way! Matthew is born with The Beach Boys sound, which is pretty easy as he is Al Jardine’s son. Anyways, clearly Brain Wilson is a shy guy as he simple ordered the two fans ‘please be seated’ as a thank you:).

Everything sung in parts was perfectly executed as well as the instruments were soooo in tune. The artists, all 12 of them, played everything perfectly to the second and it all came together as is should at the venue Kursaal (Ostend, BE). Perhaps you can say it was too rehearsed, probably during the introduction of Wild Honey when they all shouted separately in their microphones too ‘seem’ wild and crazy. But hey, no hard feelings, everything was so on point, who dislikes these heroes to rehearse every second just to get it right for their audience? They may be old, but they’re still rocking and truth be told, yes, Brian Wilson his voice wasn’t as he was 19 anymore, but for a man of 75 I have nothing but respect. It was an evening filled with smiles, sing alongs and astonishment.

Next thing on my to do list is as proclaimed musical director Paul Von Mertens (the sax guy :o) advised, to watch the biopic Love & Mercy to catch up on The Beach Boys.