Dream Line Up

So the festival season has started couple of weeks ago and finally, yes, this weekend I will be attending one! There is something about festivals, it is like coming home…

Or I am getting old(er), or I’m learning to enjoy the smaller things in life (it’s probably the former :P)! Anyways as picky as I can be, I will not be attending any big festivals this year, just a couple of small ones. In stead of going for the sake of just being at a festival, I choose wisely (yup, definitely getting older). Can’t be spending everything on the big leagues and to be honest, a couple of years ago, I realised the smaller ones are the most fun! Big plus: the food is most of the time even better :).

For instance, Best Kept Secret Festival (already a medium sized festival) is just pure joy when it comes to food. Yes you spend more than average, but it doesn’t hurt when the bands on stage are killing it! When I took my brother last year, he was in awe! Great vibe, good music and numerous food trucks or stand to choose from. Haven’t you heard, it is not about the music anymore, but the experience. Yeah yeah, we get it, we’re spoiled. Nevertheless, I missed Drenge just by a hair at Best Kept Secret 2015. And all the food, cocktails and cool vibes couldn’t change it for the better. I had such a crappy feeling missing out on them, because I looked forward to seeing them a second time. As the first time I didn’t know them so wel (Field Day, London, 2014) and they’re a damn good band.



Like I said, I can be picky, if the ‘amount of bands I want to see’ & ‘ticketing cost’ ratio don’t add up, I am not going (*snob). Hence, I am looking for a better ratio at the smaller festivals. This weekend me and my brother will be heading towards Rock Herk (BE). I’ve never been, so I am looking forward to see what’s up and checking out the bands like Equal Idiots, Dinosaur Jr., Jacle Bow etc… Smaller festivals do have a better variety of beginning bands and some already established names. I am proud to tell you, this weekend will be the first time I’ll see Dog Eat Dog. I am like ‘HELL YEAH!



Nevertheless, there are always bands you wish for every year to see, the one preferably in a club and the other at a festival site. If I would to choose a festival line up at this moment it would be the following:


Drenge, The Dead Weather, Queens Of The Stone Age



Jungle & Arcade Fire


+ some good food and I’m down ;)

I’ve seen QOTSA life once, at the Wembley Arena in London. However knowing they’ll be releasing an album at the end of August, I am already praying they will perform somewhere here in this tiny country with the most festivals per square meters. This must make my chances higher!

Another one, will be a dream that probable never comes true, but The Dead Weather would be awesome too watch. Sadly enough Jack White (Jack White, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs…) and Allison Mosshart (The Kills) clearly got other shit going on with their fully booked agendas. The Kills are actually touring in Europe at this moment and in Belgium this week on the 14th of July at Dour Festival.


Why Jungle, you say? Well it can’t always be rock, punk and blues… actually it can be, but they remind me of the London adventure couple of years ago. Great soundtrack while riding the tube;). And well Arcade Fire… They’ve been at Best Kept Secret 2017 and Rock Werchter 2017, but that’s me with my picky choosing and stubbornness. You win some and you lose some.


Enough about me, what would your favorite line up be nowadays? I curious to now your dream line up:)