Next Wednesday we leave for France (and a bit of Spain) and I cannot wait!! Hashtag I am very excited :).

Just like last year, we are taking the car and drive to beautiful places you think that don’t exist so close by. Last year our route took us to Normandy and the D-Day beaches, all the way to the cool rocks of Bretagne, down South to the great city of Bordeaux and surfer’s paradise, Biarritz. Every place we visited had something special to it, if it was the small farm where the stars shined ever so bright or hunting for Pokรฉmon in Saint-Malo (just to be clear, not me, the boyfriend…) or preparing the best mussels ever at a camping site…I will never forget this great journey.


It was our first big trip together, and it worked so why not again? Everything went smoothly, except for that one time we went kayaking… or when choosing which music to listen to ;). For the occasion of this holiday I made a couple of playlists alongside his. We do not have the exact same taste in music, but we found our middle ground in ska and the likes of Korn;). Nevertheless, it would be boring if all our interests are the same.

I started a couple of weeks ago with one play list on Spotify, but I went a little overboard. The great thing about the app is it’s helpfulness. Spotify reminds you of those songs from back in the day. You haven’t heard them in ages but still know the lyrics pretty damn wel:). From the 60s tot the 00s, I found so many songs I had to split the play list into two. Otherwise it would become a complete jungle of genres:). WH#1 is the more rock stuff, for when you need to stay awake in the car and I am working on WH#2 with sunny vibes in the back of my mind. You can find older ones like The Dandy Warhols or Weezer… actually to be honest, there are a lot of older ones. Like I sad, I went overboard:).

I am still editing and finding new singles to add but if you know songs that I should definitely add, let me know! You can follow the playlist on Spotify under the name of whateverhappenedblog.