My love for festivals: Rock Herk 2017


There is just something about festivals…:-)

Is it the people? Outdoors? Your favourite music? Probably a combination of so many things, too many to list here. Last Friday and Saturday I went to my first festival of the season with my oldest brother and we had a blast. Especially Friday was a very good day! We never been to Rock Herk (BE), which was sold out I think for the first time ever. Small festival, 9000 visitors per day but I enjoy the smaller crowds. There are more local people and everybody is so nice and friendly. Nevertheless we bumped into couple of friends and family, yes Belgium is very small:).


Equal Idiots

We started out with Equal Idiots on the main stage. We saw them live a couple of weeks ago and they stand their ground at a festival very well. Too bad they played so early in the day, I know it makes sense but still…. I wanted to dance for a couple of minutes longer :). You can compare them to Slaves. Not quite there yet, but now they should shock people,  get more crazy and get more Sid Vicious on everyone’s arses ;-).


This picture I took myself. I am aware it’s shitty quality, but I can’t be bothered buying a new iPhone every time they release a new one ;-).


Double Veterans

Afterwards we switched to the other stage, the more alternative stage of the festival. A nice surprise was the (new for me) Belgian band Double Veterans. They formed in 2012, and are influenced by the more psychedelic garagerock. The song Cocktail I like very much. Looking around during their gig I felt so much at home. All these rock music enthusiasts… it was hard not to notice because the dress code was pretty obvious: black, bit of jeans and a bit of leather and you were okay. Or the occasional bright coloured mohawk punker in tartan trousers.


Dinosaur Jr.

We hopped from stage to stage, only missing out on a couple of minutes of each show. Another reason I like small festivals, you don’t miss out on a lot. At one point Dinosaur Jr. started at the main stage. I know them by name, but hey, I was born in the year of 1990 so don’t really know their music. But I wished I was born earlier, in the 80s, then I would consciously experience the music like Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins etc. All things 90s, except for the fashion perhaps:). Than again, I wish I was born early 50s so I could go to Woodstock and similar festivals.. so yeah, keep on dreaming. Anyways, Dinosaur Jr. is sooooo 90s, you can hear it in their sound. Just listen to Feel The Pain and you can picture every teenage romantic drama movie from those days… probably with Heath Ledger in it.


Deez Nuts

So next on our planning was Deez Nuts. My brother’s opinion is that when the name is ‘Deez Nuts’ you should definitly go see the band. Unaware of what kind of music it would be, the boyfriend texted to check out Deez Nuts most definitely. At the same time he’s attending in the Czech Republic (Mighty Sounds). Thanks for the advice btw, my brother and I had much fun:).
To me, the Australian Amercian band looked like a bunch of Fred Dursts together and the bass player could be in an Kings of Leon band… He’s probably the Australian guy. Anyways, I am curious how many people have bruises because of all that stage diving gone wrong;-).  Even the cool kids (no seriously, there were a lot of families with kids, but not the anoying kind) tried some stage diving, one kid actually ran towards me for a fist bump.. so cute and no, my ovaries are not acting up. The gig was so good, my brother couldn’t hold himself anymore, he smiled and just ran of to the front towards the mosh pit. I’ll never forge his smile when he said: “Fuck it, I’m going in!” The vibe was great.


Channel Zero

After couple of other bands and some food we went to see Channel Zero. The whole festival was there to see Channel Zero ;-). I only know their one famous song Hello. I am not pretty sure if it was the atmosphere of the day, going from show to show and everything just being fun, but wow that was good. The man (Franky, yes it’s a dude) has got a voice! Check out one of their other famous songs Black Fuel. It was during this song  my brother disappeared again into the crowd looking for the mosh pit… this time he came out completely out of breath but oh so happy.


To end the evening we went to dance it off during the last minutes of Dr. Lektroluv’s set. I  am a sucker for electro music from 10 years ago like Zdarlight or Boys Noize, Tiga… In those days I was still in high school, and when they played this music I was in heaven:-). It might be one of the only times during a festival I wasn’t bored for not even a second. We went from gig to gig, and it just felt right. We had some beers, we had fun, we danced, we jumped around, well mostly my brother in the mosh pit. And in the back of our minds, we hoped the car wouldn’t get stuck in the mud. It was just perfect…

I was home:).