Our road trip (with a Minion)

Couple of weddings, packing bags, enjoying the holiday… I’ve finally find the time to write about that great holiday. And yes, there was a Minion involved. No worries this story is not PG rated;).

We had the most amazing trip, for sure I did at least. I don’t know if the boyfriend could keep up with my tantrums, but hell, we laughed, I cried (fear of heights and the tunnel Bielsa Aragnouet in the Pyrenees is definitely not my proudest moment), we shouted (at each other or at traffic), we bickered like an old married couple but most of all we enjoyed the nature, the cities and the music. If you drive for 4700 kilometers in 17 days, you might as well have some good playlists. I’ve made a compilation of both our playlists that resemble our summer of 2017, hit play and enjoy our trip.

If you’ve read the title, you might wander what we did with a Minion. Last year I was furious (some times) when it was all about the Pokemons during our road trip but this year it was all about the Minion. Nevertheless you can’t stay mad at the boyfriend, if you know he made a full on photo reportage for his nieces (2 and 4 year olds) so they can enjoy the trip too. Pictures of sleeping in a tent, cooking on a small fire, washing our underwear and socks at the camp site… they’ve seen it all.

Having done all those kilometers in the main part of France and the North of Spain, I can tell you, we’ve probably seen a big portion of the world in just those two countries. From salt flats in Peyriac-De-Mere and the prehistoric cave drawings in Lascaux to canoeing between the green slopes of the Dordogne, or driving the more steep roads of the Pyrenees. Being in awe of the dusty desert of Parque Natural de Las Bardenas Reales, driving onwards to the Atlantic ocean and the coast of Zarautz or enjoying the lovely city San Sebastian….! Actually on our way to visit to a forest filled with all kinds of bunnies (?!), we found out the spice Espelette actually is made in the city of Espelette, no shit! ;).

It was never ending, and ooh did I wish it never ended. Because of the rain we constantly had to change our plans and divert our route somewhere else. It takes you places you’d never guess to go to. At one point we found ourselves in the middle of the Light Procession in Lourdes, while singing Ave Maria in the drizzling rain. Or as the friendly Asian lady next to us sang: “Ale Maria”.  We are not at all religious people, but I have much respect for those who do believe. If we were in an other country it could be a Hindu temple, so why not visit Lourdes? :)

We visited the small fishers town Socoa, right next to Saint Jean De Luz with their most fresh fish on your plate and kept watching the waves crash into the fortress as if we were at the Iron Islands. We’ve seen so many castles and churches, but Carcassonne is a must see, or travel further to Dijon (the cutest!) and Troyes with your tent beneath the trees for that cool breeze and make a stop over in Epernay to taste 3 glasses of Mercier Champagne (or was it 4?)  at 9.30 am just before heading home (and stopping over at McDonalds, because yeah, that was a safer option).

I could go on and on but probably forget other major details. That’s why I uploaded a couple of the boyfriend’s Minion photos for you to enjoy. I hope that you had/ have a great summer holiday too! Feel free to share your stories:)


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