You’re all slaves

I finally had the chance to see Slaves perform. After a two hour drive and needing to pee very badly I saw the two lads – the boyband – in the sunshine. And it was perfect!

Isaac and Laurie write songs as a proper punk band does. Against ‘the Man’, against bullshit, against being special. Why not be boring or plain? I am not the person to listen to lyrics straight away. To be honest, my ever first blog post is about their album Take Control.  However, it was yesterday, it became clear how good their lyrics are. Easy, straight forward… just punk. You might think days of writing lyrics like Rage Against The Machine or Bono are sooooo 80s or 90s, but clearly something is happening.

I did not realise Cheer up, London is written about people who do not enjoy their job at all, get their paycheck and keep on going doing their shitty jobs.

“To all those miserable cunts in London!”

Or listen to The Hunter or Beauty Quest and let me know what you think of it!


The Hunter

Beauty Quest

If you want to experience these Kentish men, you can see them on the 10th of November in Forest National as the supporting act of Kasabian.

Set list

Fuck The Hi Hat
Spit It Out
Cheer Up, London
Beauty Quest
The Hunter