Getting psychedelic with Psychic Ills

What is it about holidays, that light breeze and a small sunny coastline city? It keeps guiding me to damn good music!

You don’t hear me complaining, on the contrary! During our stop in San Sebastian that light breeze led us to a small surfer, hip looking shop (shame on me I forgot the name of the store!). Too bad no cool clothes for me, but I couldn’t stop listening to the music. I hesitated, should I ask or not? The friendly man behind the counter gazed at his screen, but with his thick accent I didn’t understand it quite well. I leaned over and there on his Spotify the name Psychic Ills appeared with their song Mind Daze.


As quickly as we came home, one week after our visit in San Sebastian, I impatiently looked up the song. Even though knowing the guy in the store showed it to me on Spotify, it’s a relieve I found it. How the h*** did you do that with no internet ‘back in the day’, baffles me;). However, in this online era I know, it is not like finding a needle in a haystack, but man… How happy was I!!! :D Keep in mind we just got back from our holiday; the more things reminding you of that significant vacation the better. I didn’t want to start thinking about work just yet.

Anyways, Mind Daze, a great song released in 2011 on the album Hazed Dreams and a must listen! Look outside… got any plans for the rest of the day? Need to do something pretty urgent? Than safe this page for later because you want to stay in bed for this one. Think about that breeze while smelling the saltiness of the ocean in the air and the sun on your face. Close your eyes and enjoy.

Welcome back on your vacation.


Psychic Ills – Hazed Dreams


If you like this album, you should definitely listen to this one of Wooden Shjips. Funny story, I got to know them the same way, but that was in Brighton. I should go on more holidays I guess;).