Oh the shame!?

I don’t know how to start this post, last couple of days have been hectic, heavy and insane. Good and bad. Hence no time nor the guts or words to scribble it all down in a blog post.

The news that our cat had to be put down, my furry old friend of 19 years old… a shit day at work turning into the best week with the news of getting a new job… but afterwards having to quit your current job…

That was probably the hardest thing I had to do so far in my just 27 years lifespan. Yes there are definitely worse things in life, but when you work hours and hours per week together, months on end, hear and share stories, you become friends very fast. And it’s just shitty to disappoint friends. Even more fucked up is that you’re happy you find a new opportunity to meet people and evolve as a person. How can someone be happy and feel like shit at the same time?

Well new opportunities call for new music! (Such a cliche) To get my mind of of things lately I keep listening to Dvkes. Not a new band at all, it was when making a playlist Spotify recommended them. Well thank you Spotify. And get this, apparently their Belgian! Their first album is titled Push Through. If you look hard enough for it in music, it’s like a fortune-teller… It always seems it knows you :’D.

I am still not sure what kind of genre Dvkes play: pop, rock, psychedelic… indie – than again everything is ‘indie’ (that’s another discussion I will not start today:P). But yes, more poppy it is, something Weezer 90s vibe to it, can’t explain. Listen to their album, released last year in 2016 at Waste My Records. Let me know what kind of genre you think it is or what does it remind you of? I am curious!

Here is to new opportunities! Whoever told you not to look back, is full of shit. When looking back you’ll see you learned (a couple of) things ;). But now it’s time to look forward. And especially towards QOTSA new album releasing this Friday, as well as Triggerfinger’s album :P. Good times are coming.