The villains of QOTSA

Did anyone know QOTSA released their album last Friday?! You could hardly fucking miss it!! I was looking forward to it so much, I had to listen to the album more than 10 times to find a way to form my opinion.

It is definitely a Queens Of The Stone Age album alright. Their signature guitar riffs, this time paired with – Mark Ronson’s influenced – funky bass on Feet Don’t Fail Me Now or the upbeat clap on The Way You Used To Do… It’s hard not to imagine Josh Homme dancing:

“When the needle hit the groove, I commence to moving.”

Let us not forget the synths. It’s like your mother said about clothing: “What was fashionable in my younger days, is making a comeback nowadays.” Wise words. However I am not sure if she’s talking about the synths you can hear on Un-Reborn Again:). Enough about moms, put on the first track. I am dead serious, OH MAN that build up on Feet Don’t Fail Me Now! I keep rewinding the first minute and 48 seconds! Finger licking good, I tell ya.

The album seems happy and upbeat but listening to Homme’s lyrics, it’s not all glamour. Nevertheless, that’s how we like him: dark and honest. This time in a different coating. Once and a while you hear him singing as a father and husband… It makes you think: does this ginger has a soul?;) Check out Domesticated Animals for me please. Is it me or do you hear Dave Grohl screaming at the end? Or am I losing it?… probably.

Already proven how to start a song perfectly with Feet Don’t Fail Me Now, they continue with grand musical openings as is the case on Fortress and Villains of Circumstance. These could be the score of an opening scene of some dark Scandinavian movie like Submarino (great movie btw).  Like an old preacher or theatrical ringmaster, Homme calls you into his sacred sanctuary to listen to his story, just before all hell breaks loose and The Evil Has Landed.

“Come close…”

A part of me had hoped to listen to a dark masterpiece as ... Like Clockwork in 2013, but I must admit, it’s not bad at all… even though it took me 10 times to listen to it and get the album.


Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains