Double Veterans – Space Age Voyeurism

Two weeks ago I bought the album of Double Veterans – Space Age Voyeurism. Why? Straight forward answer for you, my friend: they sound pretty fucking good live. Well, that and I should buy more music… Even though my car was towed, I had to pay a fine and the friendly towing car people wrecked my car – I most definitely hold no grudge… – and there’s a chance I have to pay for the repairs… I thought: ‘Fuck it, I need the music!’ :) And it was money well spent!



These young lads released the album last year in 2016 but it’s perfect for this time a year (in 2017). First of all, it’s September… for those who work, shit got real again. Secondly, for those who have the luxury of taking a holiday now, you lucky bastards, there are some sunnier tracks on the album too, check out Cocktail (of course) and Medicine Man. Tres: fore some reason – probably global warming – it turned cold in the evenings very fast, plus it’s more gloomy. If you agree, put on I Was Gone. To summarise, for it being September, to the lucky bastards and the cold weather: fuck off and fuck the system (for towing my car:P). In other words, play Leave Me Alone:).

Who am I kidding, it’s better to listen tho the album as a whole! Hit play and enjoy this September month:).


Double Veterans – Space Age Voyeurism


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