Life happens…

How strange is the world, when you come to think of it. And when I think of it I always remember: “Life is what happens to you, when you’re busy making other plans.”

This quote will probably stay forever with me and is up on that wall to remember (imagine me actually pointing to a wall:P). No, in all seriousness, last year my next door neighbour at my parents place passed away. We grew up in the same street, same school, his sister was a good friend when we where little, but you know what happens, you grow up, choose different hobbies, schools… life happens. Many years pass by and on a boring normal January evening we got the news he’s terminally ill… Bone cancer… He was just a couple of years younger than me…And you start thinking; ‘What am I  complaining about, which insignificant first world problems I have’. At his beautiful but emotionally heavy funeral we received a remembrance card with those words I’ll never forget…


Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.


It came to me last weekend, thinking about it all – perhaps overthinking it – and realising everyone keeps encountering this ‘saying’. Losing their job, a family member, a friend… everyone’s going through sad, stupid, painful ‘stuff’.

Well okay, you might think “Dude, this is a music blog, what the hell!” I am aware of that fact, but what I am trying to get to is this:
It’s been for a long time now that Spotify keeps recommending me to listen to The Orwells (no pressure there Spotify) and I’ve put on their latest album – Terrible Human Beings – a lot lately. Don’t know why but it gets me in some kind of buzz – like I am listening to it, but I don’t realise it or something. I enjoy it, it doesn’t botter me and some bits and pieces I sing a long – in my head, apparently I sing out of tune according a significant other. And so yeah, for 38 minutes I am in a state of mind that replaces all the shit, stupidity, sadness and life stands still. Actually a nice feeling. And I hope everyone can find his/her way to that standing still feeling, just for a couple of minutes.

Is it weird, is it (again) something only I encounter, let me know! Don’t leave me hanging;) And make sure to listen to the album, I quite like them as a band.