One pretty cool woman

The Kills, The Kills, why haven’t I written about The Kills yet? Or first got down to listen to a full album?! I know Alison Mosshart from The Death Weather, love love love to see them live once too. Nevertheless, I finally got around to listen to this great band, The Kills. And yes, Alison is one cool lady:).

The Kills – Ash & Ice

If you know me by now, you’d guess that I like Impossible Tracks. Simply because oh my god that bass (*drool). Want to sing-along whilst being in the shower? Definitely put on Hum For Your Buzz. The album Ash & Ice, released last year, is a perfect one to start of autumn, almost gloomy enough but not there yet. Raining cats and dogs, cold winds and the only thing you can think about is being in bed underneath some blankets thinking ‘it’s a tad bit nippy’. 

However, I must give credit where credit is due! So this blog post goes out to my one and only Danish girlfriend who celebrated her birthday last week. To this beautiful woman, who couldn’t hide the look on her face three years ago, when I told her I did not know The Kills… You were right, hun ;). They’re like really good, I owe you a pint!



Because of her, another ‘influential‘ friend and my career counselor, I took matters into my own hands this year. Figured out I want to do new stuff, learn new stuff and other things you can do with stuff. So that’s the plan, guys. First; change jobs, secondly; find a new course to study (still contemplating that one :p). Third: get some exercise!
I sound like one of those self help magazines you get with a free sample of mascara or something… late twenties, working out… let me tell you…. I just got back from my first Pilates class… I am dreading tomorrow… no really, this shit is going to hurt!



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