love is a stranger

Set the clock right, winter is here.  Welcome dark cold nights and warm sweaters on a cosy couch…

This in no introduction to Fat White Family’s Touch That Leather. How much I like the song, I am in a more ‘subtle not so subtle’ kind of mood this evening. Winter time and cold nights mean one thing to me:  soothing vocals. Case in point, Warhaus’ Maarten Devoldere as a Gainsbourgesque wanderer or when singer Sylvie Kreusch appears on a track…  call them Bonnie and Clyde.

Hit play for their first track Mad World. You’re not wrong to think it’s dEUS with Theme From Turnpike, but quickly it turns into a proper Warhaus song.




Oh how much I do love this time a year. Time for some darker music. Call it gloomy, sad or even music for between the sheets and no way near PG-rated 13. Warhaus as a whole and perhaps their first album We Fucked A Flame Into Being is a better example than their second self titled album. You might even say that those bongos make it more summer music, but hey whatever rocks your boat?

It’s like A.L. Oldham, manager of The Rolling Stones explains in his book Stoned on seeing the British band for the very first time (p.190-191):

” I’d never seen anything like it. They came on to me… It was a feeling of all the elements falling into the right place and time… It reached out and went inside me – totally. It satisfied me.”

On record I really like this band, as well as Maarten’s first project Balthazar. However seeing the former live is sadly enough not the same as the latter. As Balthazar is one big ‘get loose’ party, seeing Warhaus play live was less so. Too rehearsed. Do not get me wrong, they’re musicians alright! Nevertheless, being too rehearsed isn’t great either. Too clean, with no imperfections or mistakes is a bit boring.  I like it messier.

Dim the lights and get cosy, Maarten and Sylvie offer the right amount of warmth for a winter night.

But seriously, what music rocks your boat?