Here’s one for drifting away and perhaps your next sad, self pity record? Everyone has a couple of those laying around! No judgement here.

Alexandra Savior – Belladonna Of Sadness


I bought Belladonna Of Sadness by Alexandra Savior, released in april 2017, in Brighton not so long after. It was a must have on my list, even though I hadn’t heard that much of her music. As clear the day was in Brighton, I found this album just too damn gloomy.  It didn’t feel right listening to it when outside the sun was shining and the birds and the bees and so on and on… Therefore I left it in our closet, comfortably gloomy in it’s cover. You probably start to realise music is very seasonally dependent for me;)




Anyways, I heard about Alexandra Savior I guess a year and a half ago or so… don’t really remember, but I do know I was still in Arctic Monkeys’ AM kind of buzz when I saw an article of Alex Turner’s protege. ‘Back than’ whatever Turner thought was worthy of his time, I just had to check it out (no fan girl here, oh no).




The album title Belladonna of Sadness perfectly sums up this girl with her old voice. She might be discovered on YouTube, but she is no pop singer. It is clear that there is a heavy Turner cloak of mystery that covers the album. Her voice and his point of direction go very well together. I am curious what she will bring next. First I have to see her live though, must be chilling….


If you like this, go check out Warhaus’ second album and let me know what you think!