How come I haven’t written about Drenge yet?! No seriously, why not?


Yes, their albums came out in 2013 and 2015, but I do not only write about newly released albums. There are those worth mentioning, regardless their release date. Drenge is no exception because those two albums are perfectly good – I find them to be great ;).  It’s clear the two gents survived their second album fear. It’s more of a complete album than the first, without missing out on the gravity of the latter. So guys, what’s happening… No news about a third one?:)

I got to know Drenge while living in London. Not knowing much about their music, I saw them from a distance at Field Day Festival (2014) in the afternoon. At that time, me being all naive and ignorant, only heard noise coming from the stage. I was standing right outside the tent, where there was no amplifier or anything. So I couldn’t be bothered waiting and listening carefully…. Couldn’t be bothered… you stupid woman!




Perhaps a month after the festival, I took the time to listen to their self-titled debut album and it blew my socks off! Angry with myself, I took solace in the fact I would see them live eventually… some day… not long now…  Not kidding, I actually had the chance to see them a year after at Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands (2015). My prayers had been answered!… Wasn’t it that we arrived about 30 minutes too late and I could hear them from afar while walking from our tent to the festival site… heartbreaking.

It was like my very first festival in 2006 when the girlfiends took too damn long putting up their tents. I heard Wolfmother in the distance, sitting on the side of the road, but never actually seeing them. Oh the horror, the pain… it runs deep ;) No seriously, fellow music enthusiast will understand. I hope.

 I learned now, don’t wait for anyone, just go and watch the damn band. It is clear to this day, I made the stupidest choice of not staying at that gig as Drenge is still on my list to watch. Enough complaining and whining! Just listen to their albums and let me know what you think. Or perhaps you saw them live already? Do tell!! :)










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