black leather and cigarettes…

Only the three of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club can actually pull it off. And with ‘it’, I mean goddamn everything!

Want some proper blues rock? Listen to this!




Great news if you have nothing planned next Tuesday, 21th of November. The threesome of BRMC, will be playing a gig in the Roma in Antwerp, BE. The band is on tour to support their next upcoming album Wrong Creatures, it’ll be released on January 12th. Something to look forward to, ey?! Anyways I am a fan of the first released single Little Thing Gone Wild, but not so much of Haunt or Question of Faith. Nonetheless you’ll still have no reason not to go to see them live. Because, believe me, you want to see them live!





Not only are they one of the foundations of this blog, there is just something about the guitars and definitely how raw they sound! Saw them at Rock Werchter once, killing it, if it wasn’t at 4:30 pm… with Green Day headlining that day… and a bunch of teenage girls looking at BRMC with no understanding of decent music whatsoever. Great line up ‘thinking’ right there.
But not long after, on an ordinary gloomy London day, wandering around in Camden, trying to avoid people, my dear Danish friend and I ended up in a pub. Couple of pints and Kentucky Fried Chicken – which I regret later on in this tale – we found ourselves buying black market tickets to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I do not remember most of that night, but it was epic. The black leather, the smokes, the beers, the music,!





My Danish friend, currently living in Denmark, saw them a couple of days ago in Copenhagen. The band was not having their night, she told me, but I wish next Tuesday those guys will rock my night once more. Nevertheless it will never be as on that gloomy drunken evening in London at the Electric Ballroom. How I miss my friend and those days.

If you really want to know? Yes they are the the band that made Spread Your Love! So stop whining and get your tickets for a proper rock gig. See ya there!




Black Rebel Motorcycle Club